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Credo Leasing offers a whole range of car finance options to make owning or running your vehicle as hassle free as possible.


Personal Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase offers a straightforward way to spread the cost of a new car. You have a fixed rate of interest with fixed monthly payments, making budgeting simple and easy.

Hire purchase benefits

  • Total control - the asset is yours at the end of the agreement
  • Flexibility in your repayments - makes for easy budgeting
  • Fixed or variable interest options - it's your decision which is best for you

Personal Contract Purchase

Contract purchase fixes your monthly payments and offers you flexible terms. This type of finance gives you the opportunity to either retain or return the asset at the end of the agreement

Contract purchase benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments - budgeting is easier when you know the costs in advance
  • Flexible agreement terms - variable terms and mileage available
  • Optional maintenance and added value services - can be included in the agreement for certain assets
  • Guaranteed resale value - we will fix an asset resale value to take effect at the end of the agreement
  • Full ownership at end of contract - you own the asset once all payments have been made This finance may be preferable if you want to own your asset, yet avoid the risk of depreciating assets. A guaranteed residual value helps improve your cash flow during the agreement while making the asset cost effective to buy.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is an agreement designed to offer vehicle finance funding where the customer chooses to purchase the vehicle. This is a finance package, and does not include maintenance or other added-value services.

On a Lease Purchase agreement, the customer pays an initial deposit followed by a series of monthly payments until the end of the contract. Once the contract ends, the customer takes ownership of the vehicle. The customer is liable for the full value of the vehicle and has no option to return it at the end of the agreement. Lease Purchase Benefits:

  • Best choice for individuals or non-VAT companies that require ownership of the vehicle at the end of the term
  • Monthly payments are not subject to VAT
  • The vehicle is registered in the name of the customer


Contract Hire

Contract Hire from Credo Leasing - one of the UK’s leading car leasing companies - could prove ideal for your business. You can focus on core activities, by fixing your costs and avoiding the burden and risk of owning your own vehicles.

Contract hire benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments - easier budgeting comes as a standard
  • Flexible agreement terms - variable terms and mileage available
  • Vehicle maintenance option - include servicing and maintenance in your rentals to help spread the cost
  • Eliminate risk of asset depreciation - at the end of the agreement, you simply hand back the vehicle, subject to return conditions and excess mileage

For a set monthly sum, everything except fuel and motor insurance can be taken care of in your finance package - including servicing, tyres, even the tax disc. At the end of the agreement, you simply hand back the vehicle. Or you could negotiate a favourable extension to the contract.

Contract Hire allows the company to reclaim 50% of the VAT on cars and 100% of the VAT on vans of the Contract Hire monthly payments and 100% of the VAT on any maintenance package. There are also certain tax allowances that can be utilised with Contract Hire.

Benefit in kind

When a company car is made available for the private use of an employee a 'benefit in kind' value is calculated in relation to the car and the fuel, if that is also provided for private use. For more information on Benefit in kind please visit: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cars/rule-changes.htm

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