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Your car leasing & contract hire questions answered by Britannia

Where do you get your vehicles from?

All new vehicles are supplied by the manufacturer’s dealership Network within the UK.

Do the vehicles come with a full manufacturer’s warranty?

All new vehicles are supplied with the full manufacturers warranty, used vehicles over 3 years old may not have any warrantee but extended warrantees can be arranged on request.

Do the car lease contracts include maintenance?

Maintenance is not standard on any type of agreement but can be included as an option, maintenance covers, tyre, servicing, brakes etc, for further information please visit our maintenance page

Is Road Tax included?

This depends on the type of agreement and can vary from 12 months or for the full term of the agreement

Is road side assistance included in my agreement?

Road side assistance is included as part of the manufacturers warrantee, the period of cover can vary between 12 months and 3 years according to the manufacturer

Is delivery included and is the vehicle collected at the end of the contracts?

Delivery is included for all new vehicles to anywhere in the mainland UK. Collection is included unless you decide to purchase your vehicle at the end of the contract

What happens when agreement comes to an end?

Depending on the type of agreement you have, you can hand the vehicle back, extend your contract or purchase your vehicle from the finance company.

How long are the agreements?

Agreements range from 2 – 5years, depending on the contract type.

What deposit to I need to pay?

Most funders prefer 2 monthly payments in advance; however 1 monthly payment in advance is available and the larger the deposit the less the monthly payments will be

Can the mileage be changed during the agreement?

The mileage can be changed with most funders although some only allow you to increase it.